Would you like to tailor a course to your own needs? Are you perhaps a nursing team who would like to attend a Medical English course?

Course aim
You’ll develop your communication skills to speak with English speaking patients (such as tourists e.g.), their relatives, team colleagues and doctors in your professional field, using Medical English.

Course contents
You can select one or more specific health care areas such as:
Cardiology, Heart and Blood Circulation; Gynaecology, Pregnancy and Childbirth; Ophthalmology; Dentistry; Infectious Diseases; Immune System; Gastroenterology, Digestion; Neurology, Nervous System; Renal Unit, Urinary System, Dialysis; Dermatology, Skin; Surgery; Oncology etc.

Course type
1 lesson = 50min
per subject and topic 6 L per course day; 3 L in the morning, 3 L in the afternoon
You select 1 or more subject areas and thus determine the number of lessons of the course.

At the end of the course every participant will receive a course attendance confirmation. There are no certificate tests.

The Personalized Course builds on the basic knowledge of the General Course.
By attending this basic course first you can grow into the medical terminology. The Personalized Course is then optimally applicable in practice as a further specialization.

Self-study, such as learning the vocabulary, is important to achieve the course goal and to enjoy communicating in medical English.
The course requires 8 or more participants.

Course location
Thun or at your desired location.

Course costs
Per subject area and 6 L Fr. 350.-
Course material Fr. 30.-
Depending on the location, room and travel expenses will be added. If the course takes place in Thun there are no additional costs.

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