Course aim
You’ll develop your communication skills to speak in everyday care situations with English speaking patients (such as tourists e.g.), their relatives, team colleagues and doctors, using medical English.

Course content
Hospital professions, hospital departments, patient admission, monitoring, symptoms, pain, medication, dying and death, hygiene, accident and emergency department, patient transfers, anatomy etc.
Ask questions, make recommendations, make comparisons, explain nursing procedures, give instructions, etc.
Basics of colloquial English will be revised, deepened and applied in a nursing context.

Course type
1 lesson = 50min.
3 L in the morning, weekly, 10 course days
On an additional morning the Certificate Test takes place. It lasts about 3 L, depending on the number of participants.
Number of lessons: 11 x 3 L = 33 L
Course duration: 27 hours 30 min.

You have the possibility to take the Certificate Test at the end of the course. If you pass it successfully, you will receive a certificate which you can enclose with future applications or include in salary negotiations. Each participant will receive a course confirmation.

This course is suitable for you if you reach English Level A2 or higher in the Free Language Test. The test will be sent to you by mail after registration.
Self-study, such as learning the vocabulary, is important to achieve the course aim and to enjoy communicating in medical English.

Free Language Test

  The aim of the Free Language test is to assess your current English language skills. This will allow me to pick you up at your level.
A2 is the ability to formulate simple sentences and to know a small everyday vocabulary.

Course location
Thun: Burgsaal (next to Thun Hospital, 10 min. from the train station)

Course costs
Fr. 680.-
Course book and other material Fr. 75.-
Fees for the Certificate Test and the Certificate are included.

Dates 2021 (Tuesdays)

Dates Schedule Duration
12./19./26. January 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons
2./9./16. February 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons
2./9./16./23. March 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons

Certificate Test: 30. March 2021, 09.00-11.50

Dates Schedule Duration
6./13./27. April 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons
4./18./25. May 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons
1./8./15./22. June 09.00-11.50 3 Lessons

Certificate Test: 29. June 2021, 09.00-11.50

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