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My name is Anna Dungar.
I’m a dedicated teacher who has been teaching medical English over 10 years at HF Pflege Thun. It’s my pleasure to lead language students to a professional level of medical English skill. To experience them speaking easily and joyfully by the end of my classes is rewarding.
I attach great importance to practical content and professional teaching. You learn the kind of medical English you can truly use in your daily care situations with patients, relatives and nursing staff.
I like creating a learning atmosphere of efficiency and pleasure. It’s standard for me to use a variety of teaching methods as well as multimedia. The Free Language Test is a tool I use to orient the level of my teaching practices to suit the individual needs of the participants.
One of my specialties is the way I teach grammar. Students hardly realize they’re studying grammar as it’s taught as daily patient communication. Grammar suddenly becomes understandable, useful and fun.

Besides teaching, I enjoy family life with my English husband Chris and our two teenage girls Jeshaiah and Sarafina. We live in a village near the lovely city of Thun. In 2014 we founded Woods Optics in town. I love different countries and cultures. I like to travel and meet new people. I often spend my spare time with family and friends in nature skiing, cycling or hiking. Creative activities, such as playing music, drawing and decorating, are relaxing for me.